erlindablacksquare6Tiffany is pure love all wrapped up in one person. She uses her talents to help women become better versions of themselves. She is an alchemist – transforming the lives of women, both internally and externally. Anyone who gets to know her, and has the privilege of working with her, is blessed beyond measure. Tiffany has transformed my life! Literally, my confidence in myself has skyrocketed after working with her. I am becoming the woman I always dreamed about. People respond to me differently now because my inner beauty is a match for my outer beauty.

Thanks Tiffany for giving me a new life!

Erlinda Vo


Beauty heals. For women, when you don’t feel beautiful, you feel like something is wrong with you and you become limited in what you can do and who you can be.  Tiffany Louise is not just doing your typical makeovers that last for 1 day of glory, she transforms her clients’ lives. You feel beautiful, yes, but through her unique and genius process, you heal the deeper wounds you’ve carried as a woman about your appearance and magically begin to feel awesome about yourself.  And do you know what you can do when you feel awesome about yourself? Anything! Thanks Tiffany for all you’ve done to help me love myself more and for doing this sacred and important work to serve the sisterhood!

-Gina Marotta

Happiness Coach, Genius Activator & Intuitive Guide



Tiffany Louise is a magic angel and has the key to unlock your inner goddess. Simply put, she is an amazing artist and divine alchemist. I reached out to work with her and ultimately experienced a beauty transformation. She makes the process fun and leaves a lasting, sparkling impression with her tender touch, inspiring words, priceless tips, humor, and did I mention magic? As a result of her angelic expertise, I am feeling and looking more beautiful than ever! I will continue to consult her for all things beauty and refer her to everyone I know. I love Tiffany Louise, she is the best in the biz!


Janette Gorney, MA

Spirit-based Professional Life Coach



Initially I was reluctant and intimidated to accept Tiffany’s help — she felt out of my league. I’m so glad I walked through my fear. Tiffany is not only incredibly talented, she is genuinely warm and compassionate, and went out of her way to make me as comfortable as possible when working with her. Tiffany’s insides and outsides match. They are both in alignment and beautiful! As Tiffany began working her magic with makeup on my face, I immediately started feeling more confident. Tiffany explained every step she took and why she was using the products she was using. From the get-go, I felt safe. She listened to my concerns and collaborated with me on the look I was interested in achieving. It was such an amazing learning experience. I knew little about makeup prior to this session . . . and I left feeling confident and able. The end result of Tiffany’s mastery made me smile with delight. I looked and felt great.

Patricia F


I loved her positive energy and she was so complimentary during the entire process. I can see why clients gravitate toward her, she is so personable! She really made me feel comfortable. In addition, I also felt like she was genuinely interested in how I wanted to feel. Tiffany’s work is just really cool — I love how it focuses on inner beauty, as well as, how we feel about our outsides as women.



Elizabeth J