There’s No GLOW Without SOUL

Let Your Light Shine. Don’t Let Anybody Dull Your Sparkle. It’s Okay to Be a Glowstick…

These are current buzz phrases plastered all over Pinterest, and everything from eye creams, to green juice, to Pilates, promises that if we just do this one thing, we will get that coveted GLOW.

The problem with this approach is that we are looking to something outside of ourselves to light up our lives. Ultimately, this path ends up falling flat (or in this case matte). You can slather your face with a $300 hydrating, tightening, and smoothing cream, but if you haven’t done the inner work, your attempt at “Baby You’re a Firework” feels more like a bunch of smoke and mirrors.

I know this because I have learned the hard way: there is no GLOW without SOUL.

I, like many of you, spent a lot of my younger years hustling for my worthiness (see Brene Brown queen of this conversation) But, I must confess, it felt like dressing up a garbage can. I mean, my outsides might have appeared shiny, but when anyone got closer, I’m sure that they could sense that my insides were a mess.

I spent many years of my life TRYING rather than BEING.

We chase the sparkle, but the irony is that when it doesn’t come from within, the sparkle fizzles out.

It wasn’t until I stopped chasing the light, and started to BE the light, that my life really changed.

I sat myself in therapy, retreats, yoga classes, and read every self-help book I could find. I stopped looking to make other people happy, and took a look within. And that’s when I found…me. Let me tell you, this work is not easy. It never really stops. This path involves confronting yourself and loving yourself through moments when you are less than your best. It means showing up and being accountable, and doing better once you know better. This is a lot more work than buying the right face mask. Yet, it’s always, always worth it.

You do not GLOW as a result of taking a yoga class. You GLOW because you love yourself, and going to yoga is something that feels good, so you show up to it. Do you see the difference? The difference is intention. Are you trying to look a certain way, or are you truly being you?

The most attractive women – with that “IT”factor – are not always the most physically beautiful. They are the ones with the light behind their eyes, who love their bodies right where they are, who are confident in their own skin.

And, of course, we all want to feel that. We can start to feel more present to ourselves by paying attention to our intentions.

The next time you do a workout, ask yourself, “What is my intention? Am I working out because I want to feel healthy and fit? Or, am I working out because I feel bad about myself and I am trying to change me?” When we shift our intention to doing something for ourselves, for the right reasons, we feel more authentic, AND we are more likely to keep doing it. People around you can sense the real you – the difference between your life coming from a place of authenticity or a place of seeking something outside of yourself.

Today, I know that what I have to offer has way more to do with my heart and soul than how I look on the outside. I also know that this is my human suit I am wearing in this lifetime, so I take exceptional care of it. I do it for me. I don’t do it for anyone else. You can’t put on, drink, apply, or buy an authentic GLOW. You’ve got to tap into your SOUL in order to shine from the inside out.



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