My Philosophy

Hello! I’m Tiffany Louise. I am a life coach, therapist, and speaker. If there is one thing I am really good at, it is seeing the light within others and helping them to see it, too. I care deeply about women living their healthiest, happiest, and most beautiful lives. My passion and purpose is to empower women by helping them connect to their authentic spirit and light within.

A little bit about my background – I am a cognitive behavioral therapist and have been busy running treatment programs for women in some of the leading treatment centers in the country. After 13 years as a therapist and coach helping clients heal from addictions and mental health conditions, I began to see my work differently.

Along the way, I realized that at the center of all of the symptoms, no matter the client or issue, when we peeled back the layers there was a similar theme that came to light:  the need for women to learn to love, honor, and take care of themselves.

We take care of what we love…and it is pretty darn hard to take care of yourself if you don’t believe you are worthy of it.

True health, happiness, and living your most beautiful life is a lifestyle. It isn’t found in one green juice, or one yoga class, or even on the pages of your latest self-help book. It is in the actions you take repeatedly, over time, in every area of your life. It is our belief systems that inform those actions. This is where people get stuck…and this is where I can help. Over a decade of watching clients struggle vs. succeed at changing their lives has given me some pretty solid ideas about how and why we do it.

I do know this for sure, we grow in the direction of the light. No amount of shaming yourself will ever get you to change, sister. So, please, let’s find another way. Sometimes, we need people to hold the light for us while we find our path. I’m here to hold the light for you.

Today, I coach clients from a holistic model, drawing from years of clinical experience and my passion for health and wellness. My coaching offerings are in the areas of relationships + communication, health + wellness, lifestyle + fitness, career, and spirituality.

Ultimately, all of my work is about tapping into your fullest potential, which is living abundantly healthy, love-filled, beautiful, and soulful lives. When a woman shines from the inside out, she lights up the world!

Now that you know who I am and how I got here, come say hello on social media, and stay tuned to my vlog and blog offerings. Or, simply look in the mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful and loved, and deserving of amazing Grace and blessings, because sister, you are. I know this to be true.

Peace, Love, and a Whole Lot of Light,

Tiffany Louise