Coaching is a partnership. There are times in our lives when we feel called to evolve and grow, and we need someone to hold the light for us as we step out on our path. A coach can be a mirror, someone to reflect back to us a new, fresh, and more enlightened perspective. The goal of coaching is to shift our thoughts, feelings, and behavior so that we can ultimately see different results. Coaching helps us leverage our strengths and gifts, propelling us to take action from a place of inspiration. It supports us in moving through ambivalence, and in getting clear and focused, so we can create the life we desire.

As a therapist over the past decade working in top mental health and addiction treatment centers, I have extensive training in the most cutting edge interventions for change. I bring all of these skills and tools into my coaching with clients. I meet you right where you are; and together, we change the story about what is possible for you.  Here is the secret: you already have everything you need within you. I don’t give you answers. I just help you unlock them for yourself.

My approach involves a whole lot of love, light, and spirit. Most of us have tried self-shaming in efforts to spark change. Many of us have been confronted in similar ways by others . Did it work? Maybe temporarily, but in my experience, the change doesn’t last. If you put a plant next to a window, it will grow in the direction of the light. And so it is with people. When we feel safe, loved, and valued, most of us will thrive.

I believe there is no greater gift we can give each other than to SEE one another. My intention is to see you, hear you, and support you on the path to living your most joyful, beautiful, and fulfilled life.

Coaching is a highly individualized process and starts with a conversation about how I can be of service. Drop me an email in my contact section and let’s get started with a free consultation!