When it comes to Tiffany Louise, she has a simple philosophy: we are all here to shine in our own unique way; that is how we light up the world.

As a Professional Coach, Therapist, and Speaker, she has devoted her life to helping clients change the stories they create for themselves. Tiffany teaches people how to shift their thoughts, feelings, and actions thus creating more love, light, and joy in their lives.

Tiffany obtained undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Women’s Studies, and a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work, specializing in behavioral health. She is trained as a psychotherapist and licensed as a Clinical Social Worker. Her holistic approach to coaching is grounded in her years of experience utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing interventions.

Over the past decade, she has facilitated in-demand workshops, lectures, and groups in some of the leading treatment centers in the country.

One client described Tiffany as “an alchemist – transforming the lives of women, both internally and externally. Anyone who gets to know her and has the privilege of working with her, is blessed beyond measure. Tiffany has transformed my life! Literally, my confidence in myself has skyrocketed after working with her. I am becoming the woman I always dreamed about.”    –Erlinda Vo